Friday, April 01, 2005

Rachmaninov Vocalise

This piece's melody is very soft and flowing in nature, but is not very catchy or memorable in the sense that you won't find yourself singing or humming it randomly. The tune has a haunting quality to it, yet still feels peaceful or dreamy-like. I pictured clouds and leafy trees while I listened to this. I get a sense of wave-like motion, which then makes me feel the peaceful/dreamy feeling. This is created by the way the line of the music moves up for several phrases and then meanders around before slowly moving back downward. The orchestral parts seem to help a lot with the feelings that the piece gives, but it's hard to explain. There are many short echoes of the soloist's part in various solo instruments at different points in the piece, including oboe and bassoon. This adds to the peaceful floating feeling. It is in a minor key, but I don't find the mood to be anything like the usual sadness minor keys bring. It seems to evoke a longing or nostalgic feeling instead.

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