Monday, March 28, 2005


two large low brass swells to sfz's open the piece followed by a lush mellow ferocious chorale. The phrase is repeated but with horns and trumpets with the melody in the trumpet. The chorale is extended. The dynamics and intensity are quite high. I feel victorious. Immediately the texture and style change and we enter into a more serene, contemplative mood. String and woodwind chorales dominate the texture. A sweeping cello line ascends to a restatement of the gestures. I can picture the cold, frigid, but beautiful landscape of Finland. Oboe duets make themselves heard as the horns add a color to the background. Cadential material is heard and is repeated three times leading us to a new section. The tempo is faster now with urgency as the trumpet and bones play fanfare material. There is an ongoing pedal C being played. The first bar of the original motive in the earlier section is now played but with more urgency. This more dark section leads into a similar section that feels more like a dance. The triangle and symbol crashes add a new color. Then we briefly return to an instance of the urgency until the dance is repeated. Horn chorales dominate the texture. A crescendoing sequence with off beats is a focal point. The hymn is now played by the woodwinds with tremelos as the accompaniment. It is very lush and beautiful. The phrase is then repeated by the strings. There is more finality with this phrase; the end is in sight. A yearning and longing horn solo accompany the melody in the firsts. The urgent section then comes back with a much faster tempo. This is transition material to get us to the end. Large trombone quarter notes and a furious crescendo bring us to the final chorale. The chorale from the beginning is played with much gusto, ending the piece!

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