Friday, April 01, 2005

"in your eyes" by Peter Gabriel

who can forget the scene in the great movie Say Anything, with John Cusack holding up that boom box with this song playing?? That's a great move. I've heard the live version of this song, and it's a lot funkier rhythmically, and more drums are played to create a very tribal feeling with a continuous "in your eyes" lyrics sung in a very very low register.

Anyway, the synthesizer starts off with a very syncopated groove along with congas, and a triangle on the off beats. PG starts singing after 8 measures, with the instrumentals keeping the same groove. When the song starts to build up up to the chorus, the texture thickens,and the keyboards go up a register, and the drumset starts. The backup vocals are sung in unison, singing "in your eyes." The second verse is exactly the same instrumentation as the beginning verse.
The second chorus ends with PG improvising, and it has a very middle eastern sound-the backups start singing (almost in kind of a sing-off competion) in another language (somewhere in the middle east, i think).
the forms of each of the verses and the chorus don't change-each verse is a double parallel period

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