Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Oboe Solo from Brahms Violin Concerto Mvt.2 Adagio

Ok, this is one of my FAVORITE orchestral excerpts of all time and the first recording that I listened to tonight was crap. It was really disappointing to hear a 1950s sounding oboe from Europe butcher the beautiful opening to this piece.
The recording I'm listening to as I write this is much better. The opening of the second movement feels timeless, and longing as if fondly looking back on a favorite memory. Thats the way that I hear it. The oboe repeats its main motive twice before the violin actually comes in and plays it as well, in my opinion the oboe should have just kept going, but I guess the violin sounds ok.
The violin solo is complemented by little interruptions by the woodwinds and then the first horn, then it goes into a little variation of the motive in the B section. It definately has the same tonality and even the same looming sense of mood that was created by the oboe, but its somehow much different sounding.
The texture is really structured throughout, its usually solo violin with these little woodwind interludes, sometimes the strings will be the ones to do it, but when its not that its solo violin over strings. There are never big tutti sections, its kind of pieced together this way.
The most important, not to mention BEAUTIFUL part of the movement will always be the oboe solo.

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