Monday, March 28, 2005

Bob Marley "Jammin"

Its time for more Bob Marley since I'm at the beach. The song "Jammin" is another song of bob marley's that is a perfect representative of his cool, smooth reggae style and simple lyrics. The song is in four-four with a two and a half measure pick-up drum beat. The instrumental introduction is 8 measures long with all of the unstruments playing, percussion, keyboard, organ, bass, and guitar. There is an abrious chord progression with four chords becuase you can hear the keyboard and bass change chords, possibly 1-4-5-1. This chord progression repeats and the lead vocal enters in the ninth measure and the background vocals even come in on the first line. "we're-jam-min" is "sol-la-sol" whils some of them are "sol-ti-do". There are eight measures of chorus and that is two 4 measure lines of "we're jammin, i wanna jam it with you," but each second half of the lines has different words. Next, there is an 8 measure verse, 8 measure chorus, 8 measure verse, chorus, verse, and then an 8 measure bridge that includes a rhythmically slower vocal part. Throughout the song you can hear the bass doing a lot of 5-1 motion. The second 4 measures of the chorus are just lead vocal and percussion. After the bridge the chorus repeats and there is one last verse. The rest of the song is an extended chorus, over and over again. I like the random percussion in this song, the maraccas and cow bells. It's such a nice theme and really encompassses Bob's peaceful, jammin' image and the religious thing comes out in the "jammin in the name of the lord" becuase of their rasta beliefs.

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