Sunday, March 27, 2005

"She Roll Me Up",by Rusted Root

You've all probably heard "Send Me on my Way," their most popular tune. However, the group has a very eclectic sound, and "She Roll Me up" is completely different then the carefree "Send Me on my Way." "She Roll me Up" is the first song on their self titled album from 1998, and I love the trancelike state of this song. Michael Gablicki (lead vocals) has such a different kind of voice, and the first time I heard this band I had to kind of readjust my thinking of what exactly makes a voice pleasing to the ear. His voice grew on me though, with all of its extreme waverings of pitches that, in my opinion, give him a more passionate sound.

The beginning section is starts with acoustic guitar and Michael singing, somehow in a very reflective way. then it busts into electric guitar on the words "I do my best in this conversation, she roll me up..." It's cool because the guitar and the vocalist are completely melodically independent of each other.

The rest of this sextet start with a great drum introduction on the words "levitate my soul"
The backup vocals have a great melodic line that completes this trancelike song because they sing "ah"on the solfege "do sol mi so"

The middle section becomes terminative on the words " return me, transform me", and it keeps repeating that for a while, and then finally climaxes. The end is almost like the beginning, except that the electric guitar just ends on a V7 chord.

The vocals are the most important element in creating the mood for the song

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