Monday, March 28, 2005

you're the inspiration---chicago

No kids, I'm not quoting the musical, I'm quoting the beloved 80's power ballads of Chicago.

You're the Inspiration is possibly one of the most recognized love-power ballads of the 80's and I love it!

It opens with a syncopated keyboard motive followed and then the motive is repeated with full band. The orchestrations dies down to the typical synth keyboard chords playing quarters with a 4+a every now and then. The lone voice conveys the honesty of the lyrics. how i love peter cetera. (except now he looks like a creepy old-grandpa) Once the chorus picks up there is some harmony that just makes me smile :) The the drums take the feeling up a bit in the chorus.

Verse 2 is prefaced with the same motive (piano, then tutti). The vocals, however, are stepped up with a cute little echo effect. Musically, not genius, but it's catchy....and i'm still listening! They take the chorus around to a few new keys, these tonicizations are solidified by the "ooohs, and aaaahs" in the background vocals. This lets me know that Pete's not going crazy...but he has a destination.

The repeat and fade on the last chorus is really quite effective :) I realize that this proves difficulty in a live performance but hey, it works for a recording!

Check out the "Chicago, Greatest Hits"'s a keeper!

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