Monday, March 28, 2005

"On My Own" from Les Miserables

"On My Own" from the Broadway Musical Les Miserables. Music by Claude-Michel Schonberg.
I'm not going to say a lot about this song because pretty much everybody knows it, because it is one of the most overdone musical theatre songs ever ever ever. But it's overdone because it is so awesome... which is why I feel the need to write about it :-)
We start out with fast arpeggiated chords in the accompaniment, and after a few measures Eponine begins to sing. The melody is almost pop sounding. After about 6 measures, there is a small change in meter and in rhythm. The vocal line so far as been eighth notes, and here we see a change to 16th notes. A few measures later, at the end of the first verse, the meter changes back to the original meter in order for the second verse to occur.
At the bridge there is a key change. The vocal line becomes even more belty and sits very much in the middle of the voice. There is an increase in dynamic as well as a slight increase in tempo. When the melody from the verses returns, it is even more powerful because it is in a higher key. Nothing really changes until the very end of the piece. There is a huge sustained belted note, I think it is the higest note in the song. Everything stops, and Eponine comes in singing accapella, at a piano dynamic. The huge break makes what she sings even more effective. She sings "I love him" three times, and then finishes up with, "but only on my own." The word "own" is sustained very quietly and sincerely over a rolled chord. It is a very touching moment in the song. Such a great moment in the show. I wish this song wasn't so freaking overdone so I could sing it for something :-)
Hope everybody had a lovely spring break!!!!

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