Tuesday, March 29, 2005

enigma variations not all of them though!

Variation 6...

this variation of elgars piece starts of softly, with a nice, melody from the low strings and other low voices. they are intertwined by their descending lines. it gradually loudens and intensifies. the chords become fuller so the texture grows. just as soon as this melody can no longer be intensified, the first melody is taken over by a new, playful one in the flutes and oboes, followed by a line in the clarinets. the high voices in the ensemble help to change the attitude of this variation. rather than being slow and lethargic, the high voices are very staccato and light. the first melody returns, adding a few of the higher voices to the thick texture, almost acting as a descant--they kind of sing over top of the voices. all of these melodies are taken from the initial theme heard in the first movement, which is eventually heard in its fullest towards the end of this sixth movement.

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