Monday, March 28, 2005

Beach Boys, "Kokomo"

Being as I just returned from the beach, I thought I would blog something that would remind me of the palm trees and waves I left behind. First off, may I open with that the Beach Boys are the poster child for tropical music, (not including jimmy buffet).
"Kokomo" opens up with a drum prelude that is so typical of Beach Boys music. This tropical beat instantly puts the listener in the mood. Enter the soloist on top of the singer. Lyrics about florida keys, sand, and oceans paint a beautiful landscape for the listener. We now have the steel drum band joining in on the fun along with a light guitar. Steel Drums are quintessential of tropical music. They scream waves, tequila, sandals, dredlocks and cool runnings. "Kokomo is just so chill...As for the music part, it's fairly straightforward. Strophic, closed, simple. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus. No key change, nothing melodically or harmonically complex. The interest for this song comes, as most popular songs do, in it's lyrics. Man I want to go to Kokomo. Anyway, good night all. Hope you're as tan as I.

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