Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Andante from Piacentino’s Flute Concerto in G

This piece centers around a repeated rhythmic pattern that always ends with a leading tone or tonicization followed by a cadence. This gives the effect of a sort of up and down, or wave-like, motion. The piece is mostly in minor but slyly meanders into the parallel major here and there. Also, it's difficult to follow they specific keys because of the tonicizations, which are all over the place. The switches to and from major and minor are sort of deceiving because it's not very obvious, perhaps due to the fact that your attention isn't on the key, it's on the rhythm and flow of the music. The major-keyed sections are primarily at the ends of phrases and periods though. The piece has a very developmental feel to it because of the repetition of this rhythm, which is a big part of the main motive/melody. It is especially developmental about 3/4 of the way through the piece when the motive begins again but there are many ornamentals added, which gives an unexpected twist.

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