Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just Kiss Me --- Harry Connick, Jr - Blue Light Red Light

This is a very fast's really fun..
It start with a loud big band intro then goes to just the steady high hat keeping the fast tempo with vocals over top, and then whenever the vocal has rest, instrumentals play a little something, and also every now and then saxs throw in little decorative spats to break up just the duet of high hat and voice... then in the middle the vocal and whole band doing this echo effect before the vocals drop out for a good time and the band passes around time for scat solos. different saxs (bari, and alto) play, and also trumpet muted and unmuted. then of course the throw in a drum solo to bring it all back to the A section. the lyrics are just so fun in this fun fun...well im off to bed because it's 3 in the morning..good night/morning... :)

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