Thursday, March 31, 2005

Schubert, Liebhaber in allen Gestalten, D. 558

Time for a random Naxos thing.

This is a fun little song in convential song form but with a clear phrase in the piano only that introduces the verse each time it happens. It is four bars and ends in a half cadence.

The verse is a 16 bars in a brisk 2/4. The phrases are four bars with the first two ending in half cadences and the second two being the same thing ending in a PAC. It might seem a bit odd to repeat this phrase but it helps balance wise having the four phrases rather than three and balancing the cadences. And in keeping with all of the fours the verse happens four times.

Another interesting aspect to this recording is how the musicians keep the song interesting. The piano player does this by emphasizing different parts. The piano part mostly consists of fluttering sixteenth notes with full chords on the pick up and downbeat each measure. The first time through emphasizes the sixteenth notes and the second is softer with emphasis on the chords. The third time through has equal emphasis but starts very soft and crecendos throughout the verse. The last time through plays with the tempo some, pushing forward to help increase the tension before the cadences. There is also variation in the piano intro. The first time is straightforward, second time rubato, third time soft, and last time alternating loud soft measures with some rubato. This variation of playing style helps to keep the song interesting.

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