Friday, April 01, 2005

Andre Boscelli & Celine Dione- Time to Say Goodbye

The structure of this piece is for the most part dictated by the voicing or timbre of the piece as well as changes in texture. It involves the beautiful voices of Celine Dione and Andre Boscelli and orchestral accompaniment. The strings begin the piece alone, hinting and introducing the motive which is later sung in the B section. The A section then begins with Celine on her own. Singing ascending scales twice, ending each phrase at the top of the scale. Then a textural change and a new motive indicates the small b section. This material is repeated a few times until pausing. Then there is again textural change as Celine Dione comes back in to sing the chorus, or B section. Then Andre Boscelli takes it away, singing the A and B again almost exactly, each with interpolation. Then after the chorus cycle ends, Celine Dione joins and the chorus and repeated twice more, before Andre and Celine ascend up to the highest note to finalize the piece. The accompaniment provided by the strings is very simple, allowing the voice to be the focal points. It is certainly the beautiful resonance of tones and dazzling leaps in the voice parts that captivates the audience.

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