Tuesday, March 29, 2005

When you say you love me - Josh Groban

It begins with a piano introduction and then the introduction repeats with the orchestra. The introduction is the melody of the chorus. Then the verse begins. The verse is in a minor mode, I cannot tell if it is in the same key, or in a parallel or relative minor. After the first verse and chorus he goes onto repeat the melody with another set of words. This time it has more embellishment. Next is a bridge with a very different feel to it. It is a transition. The chorus melody comes back in a different key. The composer likes to use La Ti Do in the melody a lot. It seems to end each period. This song has a bitter sweet feeling to it. The words are amazing and they talk about all the things that you feel when someone says they love you. But, the melody has a minor feel to it. It strikes me as odd that someone would put those words to a sad tune.

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