Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kennan "Night Soliloquy"

This piece has personality issues. For the majority of the piece, the flute plays this beautiful, yet somewhat sorrowful melody. It is extremely expressive, it is as if the flute is pouring it's heart out for you. Then all of a sudden it is very haunting. The flute part gets little crazy in a few sections, but for the most part stays slow and emotional. I really like the piano part to this piece. It is simple repeated dissonant chords. The light, haunting accompaniment reminds me of a light horror film, or a film noir. One can almost imagine the dark figure in an alleyway, wearing a dark long raincoat, smoking a cigarette. I enjoyed this piece because it was a non-typical. No cadences, no harmonic rhythm in the accompaniment. Rather it allowed the flute player to express his or herself. Like the title suggests, this song reminds me of the night.

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