Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Turina Danzas Fantasticas mvt 1

The piece starts off with a call and answer between very high strings and the low strings. A serene and exotic chord is played in the high strings and is immediately answered by a low pedal note by the low strings and winds. This is repeated and extended bringing us to our melody played by the english horn. It is of course very spanish and dance like yet melodic and linear. New intstruments join in on the melody. The brass and strings have a large duel that leads to the secondary theme that is played a bit slower and more deliberate in both the strings and horns. It is then repeated by the winds as we enter a transition period. A rhythmic introduction is played by the strings, winds, and harp as we return to our first stated dance. Some development is happening as melodic gestures are becoming distorted then a crescendo and ritardando bring us back full fledge into the dance but this time more ferocious and aggressive. It is answered by a new development section with totally new material. Chromatic moving lines dominate that texture and modulating sequences are heard. The secondary theme then comes in with grandeur and honesty. This time it is more powerfully supported by brass chords. The texture disappates and returns to nothing. The beginning is then repeated with question and answeres from the high strings and low strings/winds. One last time the main melody comes in though with no intro. It is as if this is just a musing in the back of the composers head. The secondary melody is played in conjunction with the main melody but slower and more beautiful and gentle. Gracious chord progressions are played by the strings and woodwinds venturing us back to tonic and pianissimo.

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