Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"while my guitar gently sleeps"

good song-
Starts in the Minor key for each verse- The chorus goes to the dominant. it's in 4/4, and The tempo is really ploddingly slow, and the chord progression ofr the verses go "do te le so fa le te do" . This bass line continues throughout the verses. This song is also strophic. There are different layers to the guitar sound, which is cool. The chords for the chorus are IV-vi-ii-vi-V-I. When it goes to the chorus in the dominant, it's like a little ray of sunshine peeking through a thunderstorm...yeah. The phrases for the verses are in four measure phrases,the first cadence ending on a PAC, the second ending on a HC. The ending is very terminitave, going V-I-V-I, and finally ending on a PAC

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