Wednesday, April 27, 2005

memories of tommorrow

I listened to this little upbeat latin jazz tune today and figured I would write abolut it. Its an ABA form with a header, chorus and then back to the header. The chords in it use lots of leading tones and chromatic descension and ascension. I really don't know what rhythmic genre this would be categorized in...samba, mambo, etc. It seems like it is an uptempo slow 2-4 type of a beat. This song seems really rich, and the recording I have of it, the piano really has a lot of color in the chords. I don't think this is the type of latin song that would dance to or have a lead tenor sax, it seems more of an americanized (sic) "latin" tune. Hmm I don't really think that there is much more to write about here, I just really liked this catchy little tune. I highly reccommend it!

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