Monday, April 25, 2005

"Indian Summer"

This is one of my favorite jazz songs, and Ken Peplowski is one of the best jazz clarinetists out there.
This starts out with the clarinet improvising to the chords from the bass and guitar lines, no melodic detail yet. It's in slow 4/4. We wait 7 measures, then Ken comes in with the melodic line on the 8th measure. The melody lasts for 8 measures: there are 4 two measure phrases.
Then it goes into a bass solo for about 16 measures, with only the drums. The clarinet comes back in improvising (such a beautiful sound), changing the rhythms to much more syncopation. He also starts these downward sequences, and plays around with octave jumps a lot. The piano solo comes in after this...improvises...Then the clarinet comes in with the straight melody. On the end he glissandos up and ends on the tonic.

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