Thursday, April 28, 2005

Beethoven- Sonata in E-flat Major- Allegro

I was hoping that this piece would be in Sonata Allegro Form for practice, but it was hard to place it into that form. There seems to be way more themes and it may possibly be Rondo form. Part of the problem might be that it is longer than I’m used to and hard to keep track of everything. There also seems to be a lot of repeats that I think confuse me. Anyways, here are a few things I grasped. The first expository material uses a motive in question and answer fashion. Then, there is a short transition where the last PAC chord is used as a pivot chord to change the mode to what I think is the relative minor. This section ends with the Dominant key being established. Then comes what I first perceived as the B section. Here the texture and key change to develop the 1st A them and then there is a closing section. Here’s where things start to get fuzzy. There seems to be a recapitulation of the A theme, but it comes after a pause. And then it moves through the same sequence again. From here I started to see it possibly as a rondo, as new material was often introduced and the A theme kept coming back, but not everything seemed to fit for that either. Oh well, I guess I should stick with the shorter sonatas

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