Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"No Leaf Clover" by Metallica

Time to rock out, with a classical kick. This song is found on the album S&M with the San Fransisco Symphony. I think more rock should collaborate with "legitimate" musicians. We come in with a orchestra sfortsando. The low brass and strings come in with our intro, the more rhythmic section of the song. This motive is repeated twice before a cymbal splash and fade. Now we have have electric guitar and strings accompanying a flute and oboe on the melody line. When the harder sound of the electric comes in we have the closing section of our introduction, with a brass flare and and violins playing in the distance. James Hetfield comes in with his gutteral force of a voice, singing the verse like sandpaper on an unfinished piece of furniture (a little harsh, but absolutely necessary) The first verse is a repeated phrase group, with each group ending on a HC. Suddenly our tone shifts completely, back to the softer section, like in our introduction. This phrase is again repeated, the second time we have a the bass and middle strings enter, adding depth and volume. This brings us to our second verse, which mirrors our first. With the repeat of the second section we have an extension at the end, this time bringing it to a PAC (the first one of the whole piece). This elides into the next section which is a guitar solo, which sounds incredible when backed by a full orchestra, he solos over the verse line. At the end of the solo we return to the very beginning section, the rhythmic pounding of low strings and brass, this time with the full crunch of the guitar. Now we add the softer section over the top of this section, a great effect, now with the string pizzacatoing on the off beats while the guitar has a little riff of it's own. We bring it all back down to the rhythmic section, with the brass making a final call and then dying away into the cacophony of cheers. YEAH!!!!

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