Monday, April 25, 2005

Von Ewiger Liebe- Brahms

This is probably one of my favorite pieces in my proficiency. It starts out in C# minor with a "narrator" setting the scene for what is about to happen. "The night is dark the world is silent, as is the lark." (Rough translation...) Then the boy is walking his girlfriend home and starts talking incessantly so it is the boys turn to sing. His part says basically that if she is selfish their relationship will end as quickly as it started. It takes an entire page and a half of his singing before we get a PAC. The rest of his phrases end on sol, ti, or re which builds much anticipation to the tonic and represents the tension he is creating between himself and his girlfriend.
It is now her turn to talk. She is in Db Major for most of her "rant", unless she is asking a distressing question about him doubting their love. She ends in a dramatic PAC with lots of high notes with the statement, "Iron and Steel may melt, but our love lasts forever!"

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