Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Van Noordt's "Fantasia no. 1"

This piece begins with a monophonic slow moving line. It is quickly followed by 2 other identical lines in fugue fashion. The timbre doesn't change throughout the piece. I don't hear many key changes either. I think the fugue theme is played 12 times. What most fascinates me about this piece is that I didn't realize fanatasias were fugues. I really like the development section. It is full of alot of articulations that make me think of trumpet calls. It is also adds a lot of trills. The fanfare doesn't end with a repeat of the themes in all the voices, however. This must be one of the main differences of a fantasia. It ends in full homophonic style with a finale on a single pitch. This would be an awesome piece to learn on organ.

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