Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"There's a Fine, Fine Line" from avenue q

I decided to write about this song because it is one of the only songs in the show with real singing. The vocal line in this piece is challenging, not speechlike as most of the other songs in the show are.
The song begins with a little bit of the melody being played on the piano. It's not in a minor key, but the sound of it is just a sad, lonesome sound. Then Kate comes in, with the melody. The voice part here is very very low and chest voicey. She has almost a raw quality to her sound here. This only lasts for a few measures, and then the register changes and it is much more in her head voice. Once this happens, things change. The sound grows a lot... she is singing louder and the accompaniment is much more complex.
At the bridge, things get even bigger. The vocal part gets really belty, which is great. The instrumentation changes, and now there are many more instruments than just piano. The drums are very prominent here, they really play a lot. This is the highest that the vocal part ever gets.
After the bridge, everything slows back down and goes back to exactly how it was at the beginning, but only for a minute, and then she belts the big finish. It's the same melody, but a few steps higer. Great song. Nice to have some actual singing in avenue q to write about :-)

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