Thursday, April 28, 2005

CPE Bach - Flute Concerto in A - Largo con sordini

This song is 9 minutes long, but it was so enjoyable to listen to that it seemed about half that length. There is a 1 1/2 minute string introduction before the flute solo enters. The shape of the music is great and it flows really nicely. I get a good feeling of the rising and falling of the phrases as far as shaping and dynamics go. The dynamics don't get very loud even though they vary a lot. I'd say the loudest this movement gets is mf, and that isn't even very often. The melody itself is somewhat haunting - it's very soft and emotive. There is a harpsichord that plays throughout the piece and there are quiet interjections of strings here and there. The solo flute part seems to really float above the accompaniment. This becomes clear when there's an unaccompanied flute line toward the end of the piece because all of a sudden it's just like wow, this is piece is even more enjoyable to listen to when it's just the flute. Directly after that, there is an orchestral closing part, which is significantly shorter than the introduction.

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