Sunday, April 24, 2005

quiet city--better blog on this before proficiency...

this is probably one of my favorite trumpet tunes out there, and better yet, i will be performing it on my sophomore proficiency with caitlin on saturday. i'm gettin excited.
anyway, the piece starts out with piano (or strings, if performing with an orchestra) playing block chords in a slow cut time. the english horn joins in with the smooth melody before the trumpet enters. we all know very well what the superior instrument is here...only kidding!when the trumpet enters, it feels very stately, as if mimicing a call. the piano cuts out and the trumpet plays solo--a quick little run. one thing i really love about this piece is how the trumpet and english horn switch off playing the melody. the trumpet will finish a melody and the english horn entrance just meshes right in. i quote adam when i say "whoa daddy." so anyway, a new, quicker melody settles in until the solo trumpet plays a nice little triplet ditty! okay then some otehr stuff happens and finally the english horn and trumpet play together--some nice parallel harmonies. ummm more to come later i gotta go rehearse

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