Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"konstantine" - Something Corporate

“Konstantine” -Something Corporate

This songs accompaniment is primarily made up of arpeggiated chords which move at a fairly rapid speed. The vocal line moves somewhat slow and fits more with the bass guitar which is moving slow as well…The song it really long for a alternative style song. So it has it’s “A” section that stays how I explained above. The B section has a change in register in vocal line and in the piano part. It goes from arpeggiation to octaves with a moving bass line underneath. This pattern is then repeated so that it goes A B trans. A B trans. C closing (contains some A..I believe)…every new section seems to add more instruments. It works its way up to having voice, piano, drums, and bass guitar.…It is very repeatative as far as text and melodic lines throughuot the sections. I think it’s a very pretty song….And that’s what I like it…yup..

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