Friday, April 29, 2005

Quiet City -Copland

Ok, so I am accompanying Susie and Caitlin on this piece for Susie's proficiency. Susie plays trumpet and Caitlin plays english horn. This piece is far from bombastic rhythms and such, it seems to sort of swell here and there. I begins with soft piano and and then english horn. After the opening statement, the trumpet picks up the theme and rhythms and builds. This is the first swell. Then it goes back to english horn and piano. Then solo trumpet and piano. This pieces mixes colors as the piano, trumpet, and english horn takes turns with the mellody and accompany each other. This piece also cahnges time signatures and rhtyhms so as to change the texture of the piece as well. It keeps the same basic theme and rhythm throughout most of the piece, with some melodic influxes here and there. All in all, it seems this piece is all about timbre and mixing, and influxes of a melody. Its very beautiful and impressionistic. On that note...I played my whole proficiencies program tonight and I rocked! Bring it on!!

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