Tuesday, April 26, 2005

First SWEET in E-flat- HOLST

This is a pretty standard band piece, we're playing it for the student conductor concert, so I was thinking about it today while I was playing.
Its kind of cool how the chaccone gets passed all over the band to different instruments, and I find it very comparable to the Ron Nelson Passacaglia that we played on our last concert. I think its interesting that this chaccone or passacaglia or main motive or WHATEVER always starts out in the lowest voices of the ensemble. I feel like this really kind of anchors it into the listener's ears and to the instrumentalists as well. Its the base for the piece and I realized even as a member of the ensemble that once I heard that main theme in the beginning, it made it easier to relate my own part to that main motive.
As always with anything like this, I feel like its almost a game to try and listen for the different variations on the theme, and to hear it passed around the ensemble and then see where MY part fits into it all, but thats kind of how I generally look at music anyway, so with something like this chaccone where there is a really catchy melody it makes it ecspecially easy to be able to pick out where you might have a significant part.

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