Friday, April 29, 2005

Sonate Pathetique- Beethoven

I enjoyed a live performance of this piece tonight played very well indeed by our own Julianne Merrill. We're all getting ready for proficiencies and decided to get together and play for each other and I'd say that it went pretty well.
I was firstly impressed with the dramatic presence that the piece has on its own, but also the effect that a performer can have on the piece as well. I've heard this piece a buttload of times, we had to study it for music history, but it was such a different experience hearing and seeing it performed live.
The dynamics and phrasing were definately Beethoven, with huge contrasts and very dramtic and beautiful phrasing. If was evident that Julie had really listened to some contrasting interpretations of the piece and made it her own which is awesome.
I'd say that the piece has an urgent quality to it, and the fluidity that it produces through the tons of notes as well as the dynamics is really apparant.
I love the cadenza that ends on this g7 chord really nicely, it sounds solid and then takes you back to the main theme which feels really comfortable and stable, thats my favorite part.

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