Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"What Wondorous Love is This" arr. Lani Smith

This is a very moving a beautiful piece for worship services. The beginning starts with a very simple single line of the melody with no accompaniement. Then the harmony enters in the higher voice above the melody. The next section is really cool. The melody starts in the bass. Then it goes to the center voice. Next it moves to the upper voice until finally it returns to the bass. It's really wonderful how the melody stands out even though it is often buried in accompaniment. My favorite section of this piece starts on verse 2. This starts with a roll. This is followed with a very unusual harmonic progression of arpeggios with the single note melody on top that is full of many ornaments that make the piece come to life and sound very reflective and enchanting. I think this piece is written in a mode because the cadences don't quite make sense in traditional music standards.

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