Friday, April 22, 2005

R.V. Williams Folk Song Suite -3rd movement

The movement starts off with a dense woodwind 4 bar intro. The exposition then starts with the melody in the solo trumpet with a 4 bar antecedent followed by a woodwind consequent in an accompanying manner. The trumpet comes back but continues to extend to a new part now. There is time of transition and development of the rhythmic motives played thus far for a period bars leading us to a loud fortissimo tutti section based, also, on dotted 8th -16th note rhythms and 8th note rhythms. This section ends and leads us into a meter change to 6/8. there is a 2 bar intro dominated by the trumpet 8th notes. then the melody comes in which sounds very folk like. It is a long phrase and very beautiful. Under it are low brass beats at pianissimo that swell every now and then. At the end of this first section of the B section there is a loud fanfare and forceful section with the low brass having the melody while the trumpet and winds have fanfare gestures. The music then repeats and ends at the PAC right before the 6/8 meter change.

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