Thursday, April 21, 2005

"I'm not wearing underwear today" from Avenue Q

"I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" from Avenue Q (the marathon continues)

This is a short song, so it will be a short post, which will be a nice break from my novel length entries.
This song reminds me of something you might hear at a circus while the clowns are performing. There is a small introduction, and then the vocal line begins. The accompaniment is your typical oom pah pah feel, and there are random whistles and sound effects throughout. The accompaniment is SUPER hyper (maybe that's why it feels circus like to me) The vocal line is a little more calm. It's very simple and speech like. He sings the theme, "I'm not wearing underwear today" twice, and then you get the "b section" which is a sequence of scalar type passages that just get higher each time he sings them. Then you get sort of a return of the A section... but it is only slightly similiar. It is more of just an ascending major scale this time around. I was going to make an attempt to call this a VERY short rounded binary... but now I see that I would really be stretching it. It's more of a ditty. Here are the lyrics:
I'm not wearing underwear today
No, I'm not wearing underwear today.
Not that you probly care much about my underwear,
Still none the less I gotta say
That I'm not wearing underwear today.

See! I told you it would be a short one.

Soon to come in the avenue Q marathon: "If You Were Gay" and "The Internet is for Porn."

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