Wednesday, April 20, 2005

danse macabre

Harp strikes and serene and restful violin chords signal the sun set. A bass pizzicatto line leads us to the melody in the solo violin. The flute has the main melody followed by the strings. After this parallel period the solo violin states the secondary theme with fragments of the first being played by the winds. A four bars of transitional material are played before the main theme is again stated in parallel period form. Thereafter the celli and low strings state the secondary theme with fragments of the main melody in the back in the violin and xylophone. Another 4 bar transitional period. Then starts the fugue starting in the strings then leading to the winds to the trumpets to the trombone. It is based off the secondary theme. Then comes a section of development with quarter note motives in the winds then in the trombones as we crescendo and modulate to a major. The secondary theme is then presented in a euphoric manner here in the violin solo then in a horn solo with a greater texture. It is very calm and light here. Then a bridge section occurrs with strings flourishes as the secondary theme is developed more in the brass and strings as the firsts are furiously arepeggiating. There is a section where the winds are all in unison rhythm. The texture winds down with some little swells. Fragments of the first melody are heard in the violin solo and flute. Swells begin to occurr as we crescendo wildly leading us to secondary melody played very loudly in the trombones. A new melodic gesture is heard in the violins that is inverted on melodic material. It is very virtuosic. Then the sun comes out with the frivolous oboe solo. The violin solo plays a somber melody reminding all the skeletons to return to their graves. But evil has the last laff as the main melody is passed from low to high in the orchestra ending pianissimo.

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