Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Dareneh Jahn - Jooya

So this is from Jooya's Persian Nights cd. She sings traditional persian folk music, and I really like it. It's somber, minor in mode. She begins singing lyrics on this repeating motive of basically do re me/ sol do re me--the me being held out while a string instrument plucks fervently away at a static chord underneath. This repeats for a while and then she starts to sing lyrics on the III in the major with the same motive, adding a "mi re do" down as well (in major naturally), still finishing on do and in the minor though. There is this nice tension added as she moves between the minor and the major motive and starts blurring them by developing her melodic material, it's a sort of opening up of the song to a wider simultaneous palette of expression. Then in the middle it repeats the minor again. She keeps saying "khoda" part of saying goodbye (as they give it an english title "farewell" so it's appropriate)...then instead of going to the major, an instrument break comes in and she sings a new fast and upbeat section beginning in minor, going to major, then back to minor--centering around a ti do feel, ending on a Ti Do. So two distinct sections, very "additive." I like Jooya.

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