Tuesday, April 19, 2005

“Do You Remember” by Jack Johnson

“Do You Remember” by Jack Johnson is a wonderful camp fire sort of song with Jack and his guitar. The song is in four-four and has a little four measure guitar introduction. The four measure intro uses the same chord progression that he uses on the two verses of the song. The little chorus thing uses different chords that sound more minor. The progression is easy to recognize because there is one chord for each measure. The progression sounds a little like I-V-IV-I. There is one melody that is used for each line of the four-line verse, sol-do-re-mi-sol-la-do-la-sol. There is a slightly different section that sounds more like a bridge to me than a chorus, but it is used again after the second verse, therefore I don’t think it is really a bridge. This little chorus section is eight measures long and goes smoothly back into the verse. A second verse is sung along with the same bridge, but with one variation of the verse added to the end. The last line, sol-do-re-mi-do has a very nice authentic cadence.
“Campfire” songs are my favorite. There’s nothing better than a good story teller, his guitar, and his cheesy story. Again, I like the simple melody and seemingly recognizable chord progression. It is refreshing!

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