Friday, April 22, 2005

Beethoven, Sonata Op. 10, no. 3, Minuetto

The minuetto begins in piano and states the initial motive in D major. This phrase ends on a half cadence with a fortsondo A highlighting the resolve. The motive the repeats again in a new key, this time in e minor. It ends tonally closed on a PAC in D Major. This parallel period section constitutes the A section and is embedded by a repeat sign. Then the texture changes drastically into contrapuntal, stepwise line with the new motive being passed back and forth between both hands with elision. In addition, an increase in dynamics, tonal instability, and a change in rhythm from mostly quarter to mostly eighth notes add to the feeling of a new section. This B section, made up of these motivic phrase groups, ends on a half cadence similar to the A section and then moves back to the A motive in e minor. After a little development of the motive, there is a short terminative section which closes the movement on a PAC in the original key.

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