Sunday, April 17, 2005

"I Won't Last A Day Without You" by The Carpenters

"I Won't Last A Day Without You" by The Carpenters.

I'm in another Carpenter's mood :-) So here's another good one.

The song starts out with the whole group singing the chord progression that is carried throughout the song on "ah." Then, Karen Carpenter begins to sing, which is beautiful. What a voice. You don't hear voices like that in popular music anymore. Anyway, all that is underneath her vocal line is a very simple piano part, which is nice because all of the focus is on her beautiful sound. About halfway through the verse, the drum picks up a little bit and starts to keep a stronger beat. There are also some instrumental parts added to the accompaniment.
At the refrain, the drum plays a much more complicated and interesting part instead of simply keeping the beat. The accompaniment also changes slightly. The piano part is pretty much the same, but it is much louder and stands out a lot more. The vocal line of the refrain is just awesome... especially the lyrics.
After the refrain, that same chord sung by the whole group returns and leads us back into the second verse, which is just about the same as the first verse, except the accompaniment is different. The piano part has changed. It actually does something instead of just playing basic chords to keep the time. The range on the piano that is used is much higher, so it's noticeable. There are also a lot of other instrumental parts that change here. If you know who air supply is...most of you probably dont, but I love 80s music, and my boyfriend loves them, so... yeah. Anyway, the sound here is very air supplyish.
The refrain returns again, it is the same as it was the first time around.
Then, bridge! Much different feel here... much lighter and kind of dreamy sounding. The accompaniment goes back to being very simple. The vocal part is a little higher.
The refrain comes back again, and is the same as the 2 previous times. It is repeated once again, just about the same, but it comes to a halt towards the end, right before she sings "without you". The song just kind of fades out at that point while they all sing "won't last a day without you" with great harmony parts. Here are the lyrics to the refrain. I love them. :-)

"When there's no getting over that rainbow
when my smallest of dreams won't come true
I can take all the madness the world has to give
But I won't last a day without you."

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