Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hoedown - Aaron Copland

This well-known work is introduced with soft, barely audible sustained note and a drummer getting the groove going. Instruments are added - next with a cymbal, then with strings and an electric guitar. The texture continues to build like this, but at the same time the notes are shorter, the tempo sounds like it's increasing, and the dynamic is growing as well. The various parts all seemed to be doing their own thing up to this point, but then they all combine into a major arrival point where the melody is played for the first time. It is repeated and slightly varied by including echo-like repetitions of the motive in various instruments/instrument groups. About halfway through the track, there is a B section that is played by a pianist in the arrangement I am listening to. This B section is vastly different from the A section. It has a clear transition back to the A section, which is much shorter than the original A. It grows and builds to a series of repeated notes, which are all the same length. This seemed to feel like a delay of the final chords to me.

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