Monday, April 18, 2005

The Original Quartet with Chet Baker- Bernie's Song

Tyler made me listen to this. It has a really smooth sounding beginning with sax and trumpet playing kind of the main theme together in unison and then they both solo from there while the bass just goes to town with some eighth notes along with the set which is using brushes throughout the whole thing. For some reason when I hear brushes on set its always a really almost soothing kind of feel, its more intimate to me for some reason and i really like it throughout this song a alot.
It has this relaxed feeling which is probably my favorite thing about jazz in general, you can tell that thy are just relaxed and enjoying each other and the music through a simple recording. I feel like the dynamics remain at a pretty mild contour throughout which really helps, there are little swells here and there but I look at it more like a lake with some small little dips and curves rather than an ocean with waves which really adds to the mellow, placid quality that I really like about this tune.

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