Monday, April 18, 2005

falling in love with love

so, i listened to the combo (aj, gylys, austin, and david) playing this one tonight after rehearsal, and they took an interesting take to it. first of all, they started in 3/4 with a really quick waltz feeling. aj was playing the melody and then after a verse they slowed it down and played in 4/4. it was good, except at the end they transitioned back to 4/4 and it was sort of alarming. (this could be cause it was midnight and they were tired). aj played a good solo, completely separate from the melody, and then austin improvised over the melody...both sounded really good. they began passing four bar phrases around...which didn't really work out...mostly cause noone knew what was going on...but oh well...they're good kids, we'll let it pass :)

anyway, they're a good combo, and i'm singing with them on thursday at the duck, so you should come!

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