Friday, April 22, 2005

sha sha

so, ben kweller came here last week and was possibly one of the most disappointing shows in a while. none the less, his album remains in my cd changer.

sha sha starts out with a pretty ambiguous meter, the voice drums and piano all seem to have different intentions until he talks about "planet of the apes" and then the chorus comes together.

there's a weird synthesizer riff and then kweller comes back in with the vocals. the lyrics and nice up-beat feel make this a song i can handle when i'm stressed...for some reason he makes me think it really isn't that bad.

"that's how it should be...sha sha..."
oh, ben, how you've used your lyrical genius to command the attention of many...until we realize that you suck (which we should've assumed when your album title came out as "sha sha")(part of me wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and think that 'sha sha' was some intellectual metaphor....actually i think it's probably just the only words you could remember at the time...)

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