Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"there'll never be another you"

yep, another combo number.

so we start it in what feels like a nice easy swing. one voice over guitar, bass, and drumset with the occasional trumpet burst when aj feels like playing. i'm singing the first verse in this easy swing so that you can catch all the words and really get a good feel for it...most of the time i'm pretty true to the melody. the band breaks while i hold my 8 counts of an Ab, forming the seventh of a chord...and then we double time it. it's really peppy and wonderful! as i try to spit out the words fast enough. it's a pretty scalar melody except for some random 7th jumps...hmm...not sure how i feel about them. i think they're nice to do the first time around, but then i get bored and decide to change them up a bit by adding more notes in between them.

anyway, there's a trumpet solo and a guitar solo, both in this double-time feel. then, as we started slow and took it up, when i come back in we do the exact opposite. half the head fast, then we cut in half to really soak up the most of the ending. these tempo changes make for a nice contrast and it's really fun to listen to.

yeah for jazz....incase you forgot....OR DIDN'T READ MY LAST BLOG....jazz at the duck on thursday at 9:00. i'm singing with the combo. they're hot.

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