Thursday, March 10, 2005

"underground" by Ben Folds FIVE

dammit trisha, you stole my Ben Folds idea...
Underground is from their 1995 self titled album (which is one of many great Ben Folds (five) albums.
The intro to this song is unique... It starts off with a I chord from the electric guitar, and then one of the vocalists says "I was never cool in school. I'm sure you don't remember me" Two other vocalists (one of them being Ben) each say something about not fitting in (it's funny though), and sleigh bells start ringing in the background while the vocals continue. It's really just kind of making fun of the underground scene to a certain extent.{"hand me my nosering (can we be happy?) show me the moshpit (can we be happy?) we can be happy underground}

on the last line of the first verse (we can be happy underground) the drums and piano start in, with the piano repeating the same chord progression (i think it's a I-iio7-V7 progression)
Ben, the backup vocals, piano and drums jam for a while (it's pretty simple). The meter in this song switches from 4/4 to a fast 3 around the last 8 bars.

After the last chorus, there's a flippin' sweet piano solo (not long, about 12 measures)at the very end that ends the song

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