Sunday, March 06, 2005

telemann trumpet concerto, allegro

i really enjoy listening to the fourth movement of the telemann trumpet concerto because the trumpet and the orchestra take turns calling-and-responding and accompanying each other. the prominent trumpet melody begins with light accompaniment from the harpsichord in the background the first phrase ends in a tonicization in the dominant, but returns to the original key in the consequent phrase. the strings mimic the trumpet after this first phrase ends, toying with the same melody. the trumpet returns for a few bars, and the strings respond. when the strings take the melody again, the trumpet plays lightly behind them. this section feels developmental but may simply be the B section, since it is considerably different from the beginning expository melody. the main melody returns again until the end of the piece, which, by the way, ends on a killer high note.

classical music feels so soothing after a weekend of augusta read thomas. i don't even mind the harpsichord!

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