Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"if i only had a brain"...harry connick style

again, the coolness of harry connick overwhelms me.

it starts off very mellow in the piano when harry comes in with his crooning. with the vocals at the beginning the piano only plays continues this way, with a fairly obvious rhythm. by the end the meter has been completely abandoned and the rhythm is controlled completly by emotion. it's really fabulous.

he changes the melody so much and the rhythm that it takes a minutes for the listener to realize that, yes-harry is indeed crooning the cowardly lion role. i really love the part where he brings out the lyrics "and be even worty erv you" the show the fast tempo and lion's dialect make this word creation seem ok...and i really like how harry is true to the lyricist (even though his arrangement is entirely original). i found that to be quite interesting. he has no problem changing all the musicality but he leaves the words exactly so. huh. something to think about. maybe it's because he can acknowledge his talent as a musician but doesn't feel as though he's a worthy enough lyricist to challenge the pre-existing material. or maybe he just liked the word 'erv". either way, his crooning makes me swoon.

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