Monday, March 07, 2005

imagination, harry connick, jr.

first off, i'm slightly in love with harry connick....wait a second, who am i kidding? completely in love with harry connick: check.

his subtle but confident jazz piano and smooth crooning can make a girl weak in the knees. (sigh). anyway....

the piece starts out with a couple of bars leading right into the refrain. harry skips the verse that's commonly performed with the song...but as soon as he starts singing i'm not asking any questions! the piano interlude in the middle section is really beautiful as the piano picks up a bit and then when he gets really serious, he plays in running octaves in the right had (hmm...slightly reminiscent of schumann...oh well, i won't hold it against him)

at the beginning he's only playing chords on 1 and 3. a walking bass line brings him right into the B section of the chorus. By now he's comping and entire jazz progression. this leads us into the piano interlude that i already spoke of. at one point he plays with the rhythms so much that the listener is almost not sure where our meter went...until he uses those couple chords to lead himself right back into the A of the chorus. we reprise the chorus, yet again, with some slight vocal embellishments and end on quite a heart-warming chord.

i love harry connick, and you should, too! have a good night.

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