Thursday, March 10, 2005

All Through The Night

"All Through The Night" from Anything Goes by Cole Porter

For some reason I was in the mood for a little Cole Porter tonight... we go :-)
It starts out with Hope singing a little "recit" if you can call it that. It lasts for about 2 measures and serves as the introduction for the song. There is a break before the motive that is carried all through the song begins. The whole song is basically this one very chromatic motive that just keeps repeating over and over again. It's a very moderate tempo, it sounds very free. The accompaniment is the basic oom pah pah style.
We continue on like this for a while, and then there is what you could call a very very small B section that lasts for approximately 4 four measure phrases. The A section doesn't change keys, so I think this song is probably some kind of a closed binary form. The vocal range gets higher and the motive changes, but the accompaniment stays basically the same. The B section is also at a slightly louder dynamic marking.
The A section returns, and is exactly the same for about 7 measures, but then it changes in order to be terminative. Many sustained high notes begin to appear in the vocal line, there is a huge crescendo, and the piece ends with Hope singing what I think is probably a high F.
The melody is catchy not only because it is repeated so many times, but because the chromaticism really makes it swingy and fun, at causes it to be easily remembered. It's a great soprano vocal line because it sits pretty high in the voice.

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