Thursday, March 10, 2005

Frozen by Madonna

This song cannot go without being analyzed. Reasons? Well for one it's Madonna. Enough said. Second, as I was walking across campus today thinking, "I'm freezing...Frozen, frozen, frozen," as typically happens, lyrics to a song popped into my head. Obviously, there is a correlation between thinking, "I'm frozen," and the song title, "Frozen." If this comparison is missed one must be mentally frozen. OK. Enough with the word frozen even though it is a great word. (I love any word where I can say z). This song actually isn't about being cold at all. It's one song of Madonna's that actually has a deeper meaning. It's about being emotionally frozen and locked within yourself, needing a key to unlock your heart and spirit. My church youth group performed this song for church when it first came out. People were skeptical of using Madonna at first, but it was perfect. We formed a cirlce around the congregation. Then we stood perfectly still with our eyes focused and never straying on the same point in the sanctuary while we did Tai Chi dance moves. A huge spiritual, energy flow filled the sanctuary and seemed to make everyone there soar in unity. It was great. Well, enough about that. This piece begins with strings playing in contrary motion up and down a scale until they meet in the middle and seem to bounce off eachother leaving space for Madonna to begin the verse. The accompaniment under this is very static while she sings a contrasting period. Then, percussion is added and the density, rhythm, timbre, and dynamics are increased as she sings the chorus. The chorus is a parallel period followed by a contrasting period. This is all repeated a second time until there is a musical interlude. Then the verse and chorus return. This time instead of repeating this cycle twice, the chorus repeats. Concluding the piece is a cadential extension reiterating the important words of the song and ending instrumentally.

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reen said...

hmm that was interesting.
so madona practises some form of magic? some serious satanic stuff
then its obvious why the lyrics or music have such power..satanism is opposite of religion. both have so much power- both uplift you spritually..toward God or toward satan. interesting to note how that was sung in a church..hmmm